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Find the right adjustable mannequin size
November 18, 2016

Finding the right size dressmaker doll

What do you want to do with your adjustable mannequin? 

Some dressmakers only use the mannequin for personal projects. They simply adjust the mannequin once according to their body shape and size and it always gives them a perfect fit. Others use their adjustable mannequin to design clothes for friends and family. They have to adjust their doll on a regular basis, based on their clients’ figure.

Knowing your personal measurements and the range of sizes that you work with will give you a good indication of which mannequin is right for you.

How do I decide which size to buy?

Measure your bust, waist and hips and use the measurements to compare against the available mannequin sizes. If two or more measurements fall within a specific category, that is the one to purchase.
Should you find yourself in-between two different sizes, we recommend purchasing the smaller model as you can always add padding to achieve your body shape. Use an old bra and fit it on your mannequin. Pad the bra until it resembles your bust shape and form. If the waist or hips are too small, use sponge or material to increase the circumference by adding it until it’s your specific measurement.
Remember that the mannequin is simply an aid and not a mirror image of your body shape.

Sizing things up