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Unpacking adjustable mannequins
November 18, 2016

What is a size adjustable mannequin?

The adjustable mannequin is a Male, Female or Children’s torso made in a modular system. This modular system allows the torso (neck, bust, waist and hips) to adjust or expand to a desired distance/measurement. The mannequins adjust both horizontally and vertically; bust, waist and hips adjust in various size groupings while the back and waist of the torso adjust in length as well.

Where are they made?

The adjustable dress forms are designed at the factory in Kent, England where they are assembled and packed by hand. Each finished product is carefully inspected before being packed and dispatched to the warehouse, also located in Kent.


The adjustable dress form range

The Diana, My Double and Rani adjustable dress forms all have an 8-part body. The neck is fully adjustable with an auto-set system and useful pin cushion. The back vertically lengthens at the waist when a longer back and waist measurement is required. Diana dolls use a knob type adjustment system, the My Double use a scroll system and Rani use a combination of knob/scroll wheel type system.