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Should I choose a Mannequin or a Model?
February 8, 2022

There are many opinions about how to dress a mannequin – some people say that mannequins should be dressed in the way they would like to present themselves, while others believe that mannequins should be dressed in high fashion. Whatever you choose, it is important to know the purpose of the mannequin. There are three main styles of displaying clothes on a mannequin: one for children, one for adults, and one for sportswear.

Dressing a mannequin may be convenient if you own a fashion boutique or a clothing store, but the process of clothing isn’t as simple as dressing an infant or adult. Anyone who has ever dressed a mannequin or dressed a child or adult mannequin will let you know that it is not as simple as dressing a large doll or another person. Below are some things to remember.

Making it look human

A mannequin, by definition, is supposed to look like a human. However, two significant problems can make it look like anything but. One is the material used to create the mannequin, and the other is its colour. If your mannequin does not have any hair, it needs to have a wig attached to it to look realistic. You may also want to add accessories such as jewellery, glasses, hats, etc., depending upon what type of clothing you plan to wear. If your brand or store has these accessories to sell, even better! Think of it as hitting two (or a lot) of birds with one stone. Some of our mannequins have a “soccer” pose to subconsciously trick your mind that you are looking at a natural person.

Dressing up the mannequin to fit your brand style.

The mannequin should be thought of as a tool to present your clothing in a fashionable yet, realistic way. The more effort and time you spend on dressing up the mannequin, the more attention you will get from customers. This is because they can see how much work went into making sure their clothes look good on the mannequin. It’s also essential that the mannequin looks like it belongs in the store or shop where it stands. If the mannequin doesn’t match the place’s decor, then people won’t feel comfortable buying anything there.

Putting your mannequin in a scene

Being inside a store is always an experience. It’s the smell of the clothes, the sound of people browsing through racks of clothes, and more importantly, it’s seeing all the mannequins. Now your mannequin is ready to be put in its scene. Think about what you want to do with it- whether it’s on display in a window or if you have an entire room filled with them.

Using the Soccer mannequin example again, imagine putting the sports clothed mannequin in a goal post. You could have it dressed like an athlete or even put some soccer balls around him for added realism. The possibilities are endless!

You can also use this technique when creating scenes that include multiple characters. For instance, you might create a scene where two friends meet at a coffee shop. One friend has just gotten out of work while the other one is still working, both wearing your designer clothes.