How to take your measurements

Get it right

A professional looking garment enhances your total fashion image and is as much the result of a proper fit as it is of careful construction. An accurate set of body measurements is essential to adjust your new dressmaking model to as close a copy of your body as possible. Ask someone to help you in checking and recording your basic body measurements. When measuring, pull the tape snugly, but not too tightly, around the fullest part of each body area being measured.


Before making any specific adjustments, adjust the height of the model to ensure that the shoulders are exactly level with your own shoulder height. (This is where help from a friend is particularly important.)

Back Waist length

If you have purchased a dressmaking model with a body in 8 pieces you will have the benefit of being able to adjust the back length for people who have longer bodies and lower waistlines. The back length can be lengthened by up to approx 3.8 cms (1.5”). Measure from the prominent bone at the base of the neck down to the natural waistline. Please remember that the dressmaking model is delivered with back measurement set at its shortest length.


Measure straight across widest part of back, under arms and across fullest part of bust.


Measure around natural waistline.


Measure around fullest part, usually 17.7 cm–22.8 cm (7”–9”) below waist. Make a note of the distance between waist and hips.


Measure around fullest part of neck.

Skirt length

Measure from floor (wearing shoes with appropriate height heel) to your required skirt length.

Trouser/Pants length

Decide on Capri, ankle or boot leg style and measure accordingly.
Knowing what your body measurements are is the first step of your design or dressmaking adventure.

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