COVID-19 ESSENTIALS – Protect yourself and others

  • BULK order prices start at R25 x 100 (Anti Microbial – Water & Dust Repellent masks)
  • MOQ (Minimum order quantity): 100
  • DTI approved
  • Delivery by courier only
  • No Collection allowed
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Wholesale 3-Ply Reusable Masks – COVID-19 ESSENTIALS – Protect yourself and others

100% Tightly woven polyester fabric masks available in two options:

  • 3-Ply Reusable Woven Face Cloth Mask – Anti Microbial – Water & Dust Repellent



A 3-ply construction with pleated elastic ear loops to allow the mask to fit comfortably and tight on the face. Not only is this mask durable, but it has a high resistance to washing and dry cleaning. These masks are machine washable and features a sewn-in washable filter.

  • 3-PLY construction: OUTER 180GSM, FILTER 50GSM AND INNER 80GSM
  • Pleated with Elastic Ear Loops
  • 100% Tightly Woven Polyester Fabric
  • One Size Fits All
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Water and Dust Repellent
  • Reusable
  • Breathable
  • Lint Free
  • High Resistance to Washing and Dry Cleaning
  • Prevention from Bacteria, Viruses, Germs & Dust
  • 100% Made in South Africa


Directions for use

  • Wash hands before putting on the mask
  • Place mask with the correct side facing your face and ensure it covers both the nose and mouth properly. Pull elastic ear loops over your ears. To adjust size twist elastic before placing over your ears
  • Fit must be snug
  • Avoid touching the cloth part of the mask
  • Once the mask is fitted, try not to touch your face again until the mask is removed
  • After removing the mask, carefully fold the mask inside out, hold it by the elastic and place the mask in a container reserved for washing the cloth mask
  • Wash hands thoroughly and dry before touching anything else
  • Wash cloth mask with soapy water and iron when dry
  • It is advisable to have at least 2 cloth masks so that one is always ready for use while the other is in the wash




  • No returns or exchanges will be allowed for any masks sold.
  • The colour provided will be determined by the quantities in stock of the two mask options. If you would prefer the specified colour there might be a slight waiting period before delivery.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions38 × 30 × 21 cm
3-Ply Reusable Mask

Untreated Colour (Dark Green or Available colour), Anti Microbial (Taupe, Grey or Available colour)


100, 50, 25


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