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Transform and Protect any female adjustable dress form.

Transform the adjustable mannequin from a sewing doll into a display mannequin with the new Cover Doll slip-on cover.


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The Cover Doll is a new, exciting product which was born from the growing need for designers to use their adjustable forms as a display mannequin. This cover also allows dressmakers to renew and protect their forms, giving it a professional, finished look. It further serves as an extra layer for pinning which enhances any dressmakers’ capabilities.

The slip-on cover is made with high quality stretch black or beige fabric, with a lace-up back which allows you to easily slide it over a form, providing a professional fit and elegant finish. Dressmakers can now transform any doll into a display mannequin, allowing them to protect, craft, and beautifully display their finished pieces on them, thus making a dress form even more practical and reliable.

This cover can be used on all female adjustable dressmaker dolls, namely the Diana, Rani, My Double and Siera brands that is either in closed or adjusted position.

NOTE: The form in the product image is not included and is sold separately.



 Purpose of the cover

  • Transform the female adjustable mannequin into a display mannequin for use at exhibition or for photographic purpose (online sales)
  • Extra layer to pin onto
  • Provide a finished / professional look to a adjusted an padded mannequin

(Please note that the pink inlay has been discontinued on all Cover Doll sizes and Dressmaker Dolls Logo is no longer positioned on the neck area)



Available in sizes

  • Petite (04/28 – 10/34) – Suitable for the My Double Petite adjustable mannequin
  • Small (10/34 – 16/40) – Suitable for the Diana A, My Double Small Floral & Purple; Rani Small Green & Polka Dot & Siera 150 adjustable mannequins
  • Medium (16/40 – 22/46) – Suitable for the Diana B, My Double Medium Floral & Purple; Rani Medium Green & Polka Dot & Siera 151 adjustable mannequins
  • Large (22/46 – 26/50) – Suitable for the Diana C adjustable mannequin
  • X-Large (26/50 – 30/54) – Suitable for the Diana D adjustable mannequin



  • High quality stretch fabric
  • Lace-up back for an easy, yet professional fit
  • Fabric supplies a layer of protection for dress forms
  • Fabric supplies an extra layer for pinning
  • Machine Washable


  • Transform a dress form into a display mannequin
  • Dress form protection
  • Extra layer for pinning and marking
  • Display garments professionally and elegantly

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 5 cm
Cover Sizes

Petite (04/28 – 10/34), Small (10/34 – 16/40), Medium (16/40 – 22/46), Large (22/46 – 26/50), X-Large (26/50 – 30/54)


Black, Beige


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