Rani Medium – Polka Dot


Rani Medium Adjustable Form
Form sizes: 16/40 – 22/46

Specs (cm / in)

  • Bust: 99 – 117 cm / 39 – 46 in
  • Waist: 82 – 102 cm / 32 – 40 in
  • Hips: 104 – 120 cm / 41 – 47 in
  • Back length: 38 – 43 cm / 15 – 17 in


Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it. – Unknown



The Rani Medium Polka Dot form is a practical 8-part adjustable doll as it perfectly assists designers in crafting beautiful jackets, skirts, dresses, and coats of all lengths and sizes. It also assists in easy trouser fitting, making it the most flexible dressmaker form on the market for beginners and established dressmakers alike.

Achieving the perfect fit is a crucial requirement within the fashion industry. The 12 body adjusters consist of a combination of dials and wheels to adjust into specific size measurements but does not indicate sizes on the dials or wheels. Rani has full shoulder to hang sleeves better, a height adjuster for taller women and a column to hang trousers straight. She also has shaped hips, bottom, and thighs perfect for trouser or pant fittings.

The stunning green polka dot foamed nylon cover assures the lifespan of this form by making it durable for pinning and marking. The four-legged stand ensures stable crafting of garments every time.

Choose the Medium Rani to express your professional and quality dressmaking skills!

PLEASE NOTE: The dial and wheels on the Rani doll DOES NOT indicate sizes. This only allows the user to adjust the form to a specific size measurement.



  • Weight: 5 KG
  • Box dimensions: 40 x 30 x 72 cm
  • Colour: Green
  • Bust: 99 – 117 cm / 39 – 46 in
  • Waist: 82 – 102 cm / 32 – 40 in
  • Hips: 104 – 120 cm / 41 – 47 in
  • Back length: 38 – 43 cm / 15 – 17 in


  • 12 body Adjusters (Dials & Wheels. They do not indicate size)
  • Covered in Polka Dot Turquoise nylon foam-backed fabric for protection and easy pinning and marking
  • Four-legged stand
  • Adjusts into 4 sizes
  • Adjusting dials & wheels allow in between size measurements – stopping at a precise measurement
  • Full shoulders for a suitable hang to sleeves
  • Height adjuster for taller women
  • Off-set column to enable pants/trouser to hang straight
  • Shaped hips, bottom, and thighs for pants/trouser fitting
  • Easy dial neck adjuster
  • Pin grip hem marker


  • Achieve to your desired shape, size, and quality every time
  • Develop and adjust patterns of garments effortlessly
  • Display your garments to suite a realistic display
  • Achieve unlimited shapes, sizes, and lengths to meet requirements for an array of women
  • Pin and mark effortlessly due to durability

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 42 × 32 × 73 cm


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