Dual purpose Pinnable Mannequins – perfect for display or your workroom

Pinnable Mannequins that speed up fittings, draping, beading and Pattern-making

Ask any emerging designer or dressmaker what is their biggest wish and they will tell you to speed up their fittings.  At Dressmaker Dolls we give you the solution with our unique size specific Pinnable mannequin.  It is perfect for boutique owners to display their designs. It’s also great for seamstresses to assist with their bespoke fitting needs.

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This versatile mannequin is functional and will speed up your fittings. It will also help with re-adjustments to current designs.  You can now do your draping in seconds by simply pushing a pin straight into the doll.  No hooking and no hassle!  Each dress form is solid and made from high-density foam. You’ll love the fact that it’s so easy-to-pin!

The pinnable mannequin is a dream come true for any seamstress working on a wedding dress or formal gown.  No more struggling with beading, pattern making or embellishments on a flat surface. By pinning your material into the size specific dress form, you will have an in-depth view of your design. It’s also much easier for your client to see the decorative patterns on their garments, before final changes are made.

Largest Pinnable Mannequins Range in South-Africa

At Dressmaker Dolls we have the largest range of Pinnable Dress forms in South-Africa. Our size-specific dressmaker dolls range from a size 6 (30) to a size 20 (44). Each mannequin can be combined with a specific stand to form the Work Dolly, Display Dolly or Exclusive Dolly.

Our pinnable male form comes in size 14 (38).  We also have a non-pinnable range for children ranging from size 3 to 10.  Many customers are surprised at how light our mannequins are. At Dressmaker Dolls, we bring you durable dolls that can last up to 20 years or longer!

Hassle-free. Time-saving. Shaped to fit.

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